Tango and its history essay example

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The Tango Is Sexist, Patriarchal, And A Perfect Complement To Your Game

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Tango and its History

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Argentina and the Tango Essay example - The curtain rises on the streets of late 19th century Buenos Aires as a simple quadruple meter begins to ring.

Two figures emerge from the darkness and begin to flow into a sensual, impressive dance. The purpose of the doctoral essay is to examine the performance practice, the musical structure, and the social and musical history of the Argentine tango. The pedagogical information needed to teach the principles of tango and its performance is the essence of this study.

The reader is introduced to the cultural circumstances behind the Argentine tango, its history, the piano evolution and.

In the heat of two Argentinean bodies intertwined, lives the sensual music of the Tango. Art is an extension of life; and the Tango was an extension of the low Argentinean social class "orilla (History of the tango /5(5).

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Such an argument is always considered to be wrong. Argentina is known for many things, but most of all, the Tango. Buenos Aires, Argentina is where the social dance of the Tango originated (Wikipedia). The tango has a rich, colorful, and mysterious history behind it in the Argentine culture.

The tango is considered a harder dance to learn, so it is best to go to an instructor for a few weeks. There are plenty of videos online, but you do not get the benefit on an angry Russian woman berating you for your every move.

Tango and its history essay example
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